Our Services

Initial consultation meeting

We offer a free 1-hour first consultation meeting to discuss the best travel option. We provide you an opportunity for an in-depth conversation with our team via Google Meet, Zoom or telephone.


We are passionate about connecting talented individuals with fulfilling opportunities because we believe that everyone deserves a career that ignites their passion and allows them to contribute meaningfully.

Visa application preparation and submission

A visa allows the bearer to legally migrate to a foreign country. We provide guidance and support our clients throughout the entire process of application and appointment booking.

Visa application checking and tracking

We keep our clients abreast with information concerning their application and ensure they are updated always by checking and tracking the status of their application.

Flight bookings

We offer our clients premium airline booking arrangements through our network and hence getting the best value for money and confirmation of flight tickets.

Visa Application Services

We handle the administrative aspect of visa application and guide our clients throughout the entire application process, from online booking to the appointment booking, checking and tracking.

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