What is the UK Shortage Occupation

The UK Government maintains a list of occupations that are deemed to be in short supply in the UK. Employers are allowed to hire and sponsor overseas workers in these roles under more favorable criteria than for roles that are not on the list. lt comprises those roles deemed by the UK Government to be in short supply within the UK resident labor market, with such roles afforded more relaxed eligibility criteria for sponsored work visa applications. 

If a job is on the shortage list it means there are not enough resident workers to fill the available jobs in that sector. 

The occupations listed in the Shortage Occupation List, enjoy some advantages including lower visa application fees, permission to work a second job, and a minimum annual salary of £20,480 or £10.10 per hour.

Since 16 February 2022,  care workers have been featured on the Shortage Occupation List.

Following the recent UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) advice, the UK government has removed care workers from the shortage Occupation list from April 2023.

UK employers can still hire and sponsor overseas care workers but for a salary threshold of £25,000 above the initial £20,480 per week

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